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Art Walk events bring local artists and creative vendors to the forefront, giving them a chance to gain visibility and sell their work. Join us as we explore two main Art Walk events happening right here in Jacksonville!

Art Walk Spotlight

Downtown Wednesday Art Walk

This Art Walk is held on the first Wednesday of each month, making downtown Jacksonville a lively hub for artistic expression. Streets buzz with the energy of local artists from all backgrounds.

Be prepared to be surprised by everything from paintings and sculptures to live music and street performances. Over 15 blocks of downtown become a playground for these aspiring artists.

Beaches Third Thursday Art Walk

On the third Thursday of each month, this Art Walk, located in north Jacksonville Beach, (Atlantic Beach) presents local vendors and artists displaying their talent along 1st street in the midst of shops and restaurants.

Local businesses experience a surge in foot traffic. Restaurants, too, see increased sales. Artists have an opportunity to interact with attendees while exhibiting and selling their beautiful pieces. This is a great family friendly night out, so grab a bite of dinner before or after perusing the talented artistic vendors. There will be something for everyone to purchase!

First Wednesday Art Walk | Downtown Jacksonville

The first Wednesday of every month brings a special energy to downtown Jacksonville.

James Weldon Johnson Park is the perfect place to begin your evening for this event. Here, you will find numerous artist booths and pop-up exhibitions. The route extends outwards, taking you down streets like Independent Drive, Bay Street, and Laura Street. Look for signs and maps to ensure you hit all the hot spots. Check out the event website for information on vendors, events and more.

Must-See Stops

  • James Weldon Johnson Park: Join in on the fun at a place where all the main activities chance, including invigorating live music.
  • Friendship Fountain: If you have time, pop over to the newly renovated and beautiful Friendship Fountain, it’s even more stunning at night when it’s all lit up and a great place to have a seat while enjoying a treat.  
  • MOCA: While not directly on the route, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is also a short walk away. Here, you can see contemporary art, and it might even complement the themes of the art walk. Check their hours of operation to ensure you make it before closing.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

The Downtown First Wednesday Art Walk gives you a taste of so much more than art exhibitions. You will be a part of:

  • Live Entertainment: Get ready for a soundtrack to your art crawl. Local band and street performers liven up the streets with a variety of styles.
  • Foodie Exploration: No adventure is complete without delicious food. Grab mouthwatering bites from the numerous food trucks or some hot soup and cool sandwiches from Bread & Board. Don’t forget to explore the local vendors – you might find the perfect snack or refreshing drink. The Jacksonville food scene is endless, you’ll find delicious bites on every corner.
  • Murals Galore: Throughout the downtown area you’ll find stunning, impressive mural art on buildings, walls, and structures. Take a self-guided tour through and enjoy these beautiful, enormous works of art.

A Celebration of Community

The Downtown Art Walk encourages appreciation for the city’s creative energy and close community. Residents and visitors come together to experience art, music and food creating a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere.

On top of the cultural buzz, this event generates a significant economic boost and vitality to downtown Jacksonville. It’s a virtual and enjoyable way for residents and visitors to engage with the arts while supporting our local community.

North Beaches Art Walk | Beaches Town Center

The Beaches Town Center comes alive on the third Thursday of every month, thanks to the North Beaches Art Walk. This event brings beaches residents and visitors together, come rain or shine, to celebrate local artisans while enjoying food, music, and shopping.

A New Beaches Tradition

The Art Walk Scene Spreads to the Beaches:  The Beaches Art Walk was initiated by passionate residents in the early 2000s. Starting small, it has steadily grown into a beloved community event.

Coastal Charm with Artistic Flair:  North Beaches Art Walk lets you take in all that the beach community has to offer, while injecting art and culture into your experience. Unlike its downtown counterpart, it is located blocks away from the sand, charming shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The Artistic Coastline

Beaches Town Center: Located at the end of Atlantic Boulevard, you’ll enjoy the open-air beachy vibe that Jacksonville can offer you. Make the most of your time on the walkable brick streets lined with palm trees, unique shops, and art spilling out onto sidewalks. It’s a truly wonderful way to spend your evening, whether with friends, family or on a date night.

Keep an eye out for participating venues like:

  • Musicians: During each event, you’ll find talented local performers in various locations. Sit back, listen to the music, and enjoy your evening’s purchases while indulging in delicious local bites.
  • Local Galleries: Different artists participate in this gallery to give the visitors a true, fun viewing ride.
  • Participating Businesses: Many shops and restaurants along the route alter their storefronts into temporary exhibition spaces and special items for purchase.

A Celebration of Local Talent & Businesses

A Stage for Artistic Voices:  Expect to encounter a variety of mediums, including paintings, photography, jewelry, and handcrafted goods.

A Multi-Sensory Experience by the Beach: Explore the local culture by strolling through the shops and boutiques lining the route. You will find unique souvenirs handcrafted by local artisans or discover your perfect beach attire and coastal-inspired home décor and gifts.

Support Small Businesses:  Art walk events create a strong sense of community by bringing visitors together to appreciate local talent and businesses. Artists and business owners also get to connect with the community, share their creativity and have an opportunity to sell their products. Support local businesses (like Sublime Rides!) by purchasing art pieces, unique products and specialty items featured at these events.

Comparing Downtown and Beaches Art Walks

Attendance and Popularity

Downtown’s Art Walk normally sees higher attendance because of its easily accessible location to the greater Jacksonville area, while the North Beaches Art Walk attracts a dedicated local crowd who enjoy its unique, lovely beach-lovers ambiance.

Cultural and Artistic Experience

Downtown presents more metropolitan and contemporary art featuring live displays, while the Beaches focuses on local and coastal-themed works, attire, and jewelry.

Atmosphere and Ambiance

The downtown event is lively, dynamic and has a diverse audience, with more food trucks, nightlife, and interactive displays whereas the Beaches Art Walk will give you a more low-key relaxed experience.

Accessibility and Amenities

It is a given that Downtown Jacksonville has more extensive amenities, sitting areas and parking. The Beaches area has a smaller, more compact, walkable environment with unique local shops and eateries.


Art Walks, both downtown and at the beaches, are great ways to learn why Jacksonville is so special. There are even dozens of smaller art walk events throughout Jacksonville and northeast Florida to check out. What an awesome way to see awe inspiring art, meet people, buy some goodies, indulge in food and drinks, and have fun!

And if you want to make your visit even better, try a private boat charter with Sublime Rides. It’s a fun way to see the city from the water. Or look for us and our booth at various special events, art walks, etc. or wherever vendors are!

So, come join us at the next Art Walk in Jacksonville, Florida, and see all the awesome things Jacksonville has to offer!

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