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There is a venue for everyone in Jacksonville, Florida. From classical enthusiasts to hard core rockers, the concert scene in Jacksonville is abundant and pulsing with energy.

Throughout this blog we’ll highlight some of our favorite concert venues and guide you through each of their unique personalities. From small and historical to giant and vibrant, each setting provides its own energy. Our top picks are…

  • EverBank Stadium
  • Daily’s Place
  • VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena
  • Florida Theater
  • Jacksonville Center for the Performing Arts
  • Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Pavilion
  • St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Each venue is the perfect backdrop for music and entertainment. At each of these you can find big talents and smaller local bands. Jacksonville is a thriving music scene, inviting everyone and anyone to enjoy a variety of musical genres and performances.

Iconic Venues and Their History in Jacksonville

The Florida Theater, Jacksonville

The Florida Theater is a gem of cultural and entertainment experiences. As a visitor, you’re in for a treat at this historic venue. Let’s explore what makes the Florida Theatre a must-visit destination for concert-goers.

A Glimpse into History

Florida Theatre transports you back to 1927, when its doors first opened. The building exudes timeless elegance with a Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Baroque architecture. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Once you arrive and look around, you’ll understand why every event held here is a special experience.

The Florida Theater is packed with a variety of shows every day. Notable past performers include Elvis Presley, whose 1956 concert is still cherished and remembered by Jacksonville locals. Newer talents such as John Legend and Norah Jones have also performed here, providing a more intimate and extraordinary experience for attendees.  

Other Key Venues in Jacksonville

Concerts, Jacksonville FL are enriched by a variety of other key venues. Foll

EverBank Stadium

EverBank Stadium is primarily dedicated to sports and large crowd entertainment. It was even the location for Super Bowl XXXIX. Today, though, it hosts the NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars and world-class concerts. You can jam among thousands of attendees at unforgettable live performances by famous artists. The stadium location is set along Jacksonville’s scenic downtown skyline and the energy at concerts here is incredible. EverBank Stadium is designed with the fan experience in mind, offering the world’s largest in-stadium video boards, you won’t miss a moment of the action, no matter where you’re seated. Attending a concert or event at EverBank Stadium will be a memory that will last a lifetime. Be sure to purchase your concerts tickets well in advance, as many of the acts are very popular and sell out.  

Daily’s Place

Daily’s Place is a modern amphitheater that opened in 2017 and is connected to EverBank Stadium! It’s our favorite concert venue in town, with a covered amphitheater style stadium. There is nothing that beats a concert here when the weather is perfect. And if it’s not so perfect, the covering helps with rain and provides shade. The smaller size makes concerts here feel more intimate, while allowing you to get up close to the performance.

Daily Place features a distinctive design with both seating and standing room. The lineup is incredible and often includes popular rock, pop, and country artists. Being a smaller venue, high profile performers sell out quickly!

VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena

The VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena hosts major concerts in Jacksonville, being one of the largest venues in the city and completely indoors. Sporting events such as ice hockey, arena football, basketball and family-friendly shows all take place within this comfortable arena. If you really want to feel like a baller, purchase tickets in one of their private suites!

The arena has been welcoming superstars like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber ever since its opening and the stage often hosts high-profile concerts that sell out quickly. Most recent concerts include some legendary throwback artists like New Kids on the Block and Hootie & The Blowfish.

Jacksonville Center for the Performing Arts

If your scene is more classical, ballet and symphony centered, the Jacksonville Center for the Performing Arts is the venue for you. Here you’ll find comedy performances, ballets, and a variety of musical acts such as symphonies, acoustic and classical artists.

You’ll still also find some pop culture artists as well, so check their calendar and ticket sales to see who is coming up soon. The experience of listening to a live orchestra during a ballet performance is amazing and one that everyone should take part in if possible. One of our favorite performances to attend each year is the classic ballet, The Nutcracker.

Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Pavilion

We have to also mention one of our favorite weekend destinations, the Seawalk Pavilion and praise it’s offering of FREE festival and concerts. Don’t forget to check the Jacksonville Beach calendar of events to see what performances might be coming up. Most are sponsored and free for attendees, which we love and appreciate!

You’ll also find events such as family friendly movie nights, holiday light exhibits, youth performances and recitals from around Florida and local festivals highlighting great causes.

St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Another historically rich and vibrant venue is The Saint Augustine Amphitheater, (“The Amp”). You are sure to enjoy the mix of historical charm and modern entertainment in the heart of America’s oldest city. The Amp is located on land that was once part of the coquina quarries where extensive mining operations took place in colonial times. Today, Amp visitors can walk the grounds and find remnants of these quarries.

The Amp’s diverse lineup will pique your interest as it has hosted legendary artists like Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin. Since a major renovation, The Amp accommodates over 4,000 music fanatics.

The amphitheater is an open-air theatre, making it a beautiful venue for taking in the sky and the stars during an evening show, or enjoying the warm sunshine during a daytime event. Make an entire weekend out of it by staying in nearby historical downtown St. Augustine and taking a ride share over to the venue. We love St. Augustine for a weekend getaway and a concert at the amphitheater will only amplify (see what I did there) your experience!

Upcoming Concerts In Jacksonville

The calendar for upcoming concerts in Jacksonville, Florida is immensely diverse and abundant. You’ll want to check with ticketmaster and Jax Events to view the vast concert list and grab your tickets.

Getting Tickets And Best Times To Attend

Tickets for concerts in Jacksonville are typically available through the venues’ official websites and through ticketmaster and other reputable ticketing platforms. For popular shows, it’s wise to purchase tickets well in advance.

Weekends are prime times for big-name concerts Jacksonville Fl, but don’t overlook weekday performances for lower prices. And if you’re lucky, lesser crowds.

Tips For Concert-Goers

  • Parking: Check the venue’s website for parking options. Arrive early to secure a good spot and take a ride share if possible, especially if you plan to enjoy some drinks!
  • Dining: Jacksonville’s concert venues are often near excellent restaurants and eateries. Most venues have delicious (yet expensive) offerings of drinks and snacks. Better even, grab a meal nearby before the show.

Other Amenities: For larger venues, there will be amenities like VIP lounges, merchandise booths, and interactive exhibits. Some of these may cause extra, so check your ticket to see what’s included before deciding on which level ticket to purchase.

How To Make The Most of Your Concert Experience in Jacksonville

Here are some tips to make your concert tour even more memorable:

  • Meet-and-Greet Opportunities: Keep an eye on fan club offers where you may even get to meet the performers. Check their social media pages and official website.
  • Backstage Tours: Some venues offer backstage tours, either via purchase price or giveaways. Listen in to local radio stations for frequent ticket giveaways and backstage passes.  
  • Pre-Concert Activities: Check the venue’s website and arrive early to enjoy pre-concert festivities. You might catch a glimpse of a newer opening act that you fall in love with or indulge in some pre-concert food & beverages. It’s also a great opportunity to beat the line for merch.
  • Explore Jacksonville: Make a day of it by exploring the local area before the concert. Look up restaurants and bars that might interest you to attend before and after your show.

Conclusion: Jacksonville’s Diverse Concert Scene

There are infinite music styles to choose from and a variety of places to attend concerts throughout Jacksonville, Florida. It’s just another reason why we love our city. You’ll find a plethora of performers, concerts, artists and shows that display the city’s cultural variety and energetic atmosphere.

From the huge EverBank Stadium to the smaller Florida Theater you have options to suit not only your budget, but the music scene you’re searching for. Every and any Jacksonville concert will give you a distinct experience and memories that will last forever.

And if you’re looking for a full Jacksonville getaway, don’t forget to contact us and book your private Sublime Rides boat charter! Perfect for a nice relaxing day after a high energy concert.

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