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Private Boat Charters in Jacksonville

Our boat is meticulously maintained so that each charter is a seamless and safe experience. At Sublime Rides, your overall experience is what matters most to us. Book your private charter today and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Jacksonville waterway. We provide positive customer service to ensure a smooth adventure, exceeding your expectations from boarding to disembarkation throughout your private boat charter.

Memorable Sunset Cruises

Imagine the sun’s golden rays over the Jacksonville coastline during your sunset cruise. Our captain will skillfully navigate your cruise pointed toward the setting sun for a calming sunset cruise experience. Whether a romantic date or a family gathering, our cruises transform ordinary evenings into extraordinary memories.

Why Choose Sublime Rides?

  • Exclusivity: We guarantee an exclusive charter experience. Our private boat charters ensure you and your guests have the booking to yourselves, you’ll never have to share it with another group.
  • Experience: Our captain and owner have grown up boating in Florida. They share insights into local history, points of interest, and Jacksonville’s natural beauty. Their enthusiasm for boating and hosting guests on the waterway is truly a passion project.
  • Vessel: Board our new, well-maintained boat, with comfortable seating, and up to date safety measurements.
  • Customizable Charter: Tailor your trip with Sublime Rides for a celebration, romantic date, or a peaceful afternoon. Your experience, from snacks to your overall vision will all be considered with each charter booking.
  • Family Friendly: We love hosting all types of groups; from couples, to friends, to families. We can accommodate up to 6 people and are equipped with both adult life jackets and child life jackets. Bringing children? Great! Refreshments can be prepared just for your little one’s tastes. Want to bring your fury family member? We can work with that too!

Charter Specifications and Details

  • Capacity: Each charter can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests.
  • Duration: Our private charters last approximately 3 hours.
  • Pricing: The cost is $399 for up to 4 guests, with an additional charge of $50 for each extra guest.
  • Customization: Every private charter in Jacksonville, FL is personalized based on your preferences. We take great care in understanding and incorporating your vision into the cruise.

Discover the Beauty of Jacksonville

Sublime Rides redefines escape, exploring Jacksonville in a unique way from the breathtaking water. Whether a romantic evening or a celebratory gathering, Sublime Rides creates unforgettable moments on the water, curated just for you. Reserve your private boat charters today to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Jacksonville. Whether you’re a Jacksonville local or a visitor, we want to show you sides of Jacksonville you’ve never experienced before.

What to Expect

When completing your booking, we’ll discuss in detail ahead of time what experience you envision. Whether you prefer to slowly cruise down the waterway looking for pods of dolphin, visit the Kinglsey Plantation for an immersive history experience or have snacks and sip your beverages from a sand bar. We’ll try our best to make your vision a reality. Boat charters are always subject to weather, tides, wind and forecast. We will stay in close communication with you right up until departure, ensuring you know what to expect during your private charter.

Our Commitment

We host private charters because it’s something that we thoroughly love and enjoy doing. Our commitment extends beyond a mere boat ride; we strive to provide an immersive and extraordinary journey. Every detail from start to finish is tailored to ensure comfort and satisfaction. Our curated private boat charters in Jacksonville promise a wonderful experience for you and your group.

Book Today!

Book your private charter with us and let us provide you with a memorable and personalized experience on the water. Join us and discover the captivating Jacksonville waterways with Sublime Rides.

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