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The following privacy policy defines the usage of data processed or gathered when you interact with Sublime Rides or any of our products through our websites, apps, social media platforms, or any 3rd party software or website.

It also clarifies how we, Sublime Rides, will use the information provided by you when you interact with us on any of our communication channels and website. Furthermore, it will also describe how we use your personal data, and how it is protected and shared. It also mentions the available choices for you as a user and how you can get in touch with Sublime Rides in any case.

Responsibility for Processing Your Personal Data:

Sublime Rides (mentioned as “Sublime Rides,” “our,” “we,” or “us” in the following privacy policy).

What kind of Information Does Sublime Rides Collect and From What Sources?

We, Sublime Rides, ask you for specific personal information to offer you the services or products required by you.

For instance, we collect the required information when you interact with our website, customer care representatives, or any 3rd party retailer responsible for providing you with our services and products.  

This personal data may include:

  • contact information such as email address,  name, telephone number, and billing and shipping address;
  • account information, such as user name, email address, login details, and passwords;
  • personal details including hometown, DoB, city, country, and purchase history;
  • credit card, debit card, and other payment details;
  • data on physical characteristics, including body measurements, height, and size;
  • personal choices and preferences such as your wish list for marketing and advertising purposes


How Do We Manage the Personal Data We Collect?

We, Sublime Rides, may utilize your browser data, computer, IP address, and Cookies to collect the data necessary to provide the services and products you require.

In many cases, your mobile device or browser will provide additional tools (Cookies) to permit you to control when your device gathers or distributes your data. 

For instance, your mobile device or web browser may offer Cookies to allow you to manage different settings and data related to your location.  Sublime Rides urge you to understand the tools and Cookies available on your device, including mobile devices.   


WHY Does Sublime Rides Use Your Personal Data?

Sublime Rides use your data for the following reasons:

To Provide the Features of the Services Requested by YOU:

When you use our website, we at Sublime Rides will use your data to provide you with the products or services required by you. 

For instance, if you make a purchase on our website, Sublime Rides will use the data to contact you about the specific purchase or promotion.

Suppose you decide to get in touch with our dedicated customer services. In that case, Sublime Rides will utilize your data, including payment or delivery information or the product(s) purchased by you, to help you resolve an issue or question. 

To Inform You about our Services, Offers, Promotions, and Products:

If you are an existing customer of Sublime Rides, we may utilize your contact information to reach you regarding our marketing campaigns about products or services that might interest you

In other cases, Sublime Rides asks for your permission to send you information related to our products and other marketing communications.

Sublime Rides may use the data provided by you to personalize your experience on our website, apps, stores, and advertisements regarding our products and services.

To Enhance and Improve Our Products, Services and Business Operations:

Sublime Rides may use the data you provide to improve the way we operate our business.  For instance, we use the order and purchase details for accounting and credit management when a purchase is made through our website.

Sublime Rides can use your data about how you interact with our services and products to improve your experience, help us identify technical and service issues, and administer our website. 

To Defend Our or Others’ Rights, Property, or Safety: 

Sublime Rides may also use your personal details to find out how you use our website and other platforms. These details also help us detect and investigate abuse and illegal activities, violations of the Terms and Conditions, and comply with the requests forwarded by the law enforcement agencies.

For Analysis  and Research Purposes: 

Sublime Rides may use your personal data about how our visitors use our Platform to comprehend customer behavior or choices.  For instance, Sublime Rides may use the data about how visitors on our website explore and find our products to understand consumer behavior and improve our existing products and services.

Other Reasons:

Sublime Rides may utilize user data in other ways and will provide prior notice when collecting data to obtain your consent where needed.

SHARING Your Personal Data:

Sublime Rides may distribute each of the categories of the information we gather with the following entities for the business purposes described below.

  • To 3rd party vendors who work in partnership with Sublime Rides to sell products through online and retail means.
  • To our advertisement partners to improve buyer’s experience.
  • To offer you products that might be of interest to you.
  • To create business opportunities for Sublime Rides and other affiliated networks for better coverage and sales.
  • Sublime Rides is in no way involved in illegal trading or selling your confidential data for monetary purposes.
  • We do not sell your personal data.

PROTECTION of your Personal Data:

  • Encryption & Security: Sublime Rides deploys numerous technical and organizational measures, including encryption and authentication tools in certain circumstances, to safeguard your personal information. 

Despite our continuous efforts, no website, mobile application, database, or system is completely safe or secure. There’s always a chance that your data may fall prey to hackers and infiltrators. However, you can keep your private information, including the payment details, safe by taking practical steps to protect your information against unauthorized revelation or misuse. 

  • Retention of your personal data: Sublime Rides retains your personal information for as long as necessary to meet the purposes described in the following privacy policy, unless otherwise obligatory or permitted by law.
  • Managing your personal data:  Users may have the right to request: (i) access to your information; (ii) an electronic duplicate of your data; (iii) correction of your information gathered by Sublime Rides if it is inaccurate; or (iii) removal or restriction of information in different conditions as provided by applicable law.

Disclaimer: Sublime Rides does not sell your personal data. Sublime Rides will not discriminate against you in case you exercise the rights mentioned in this document. 

Contact our dedicated customer care department for any queries and removal requests regarding your personal data from our systems.

Managing your content: 

You can exercise your right to request the removal of any content that you think is inaccurate for us to store. You can also select the notification preferences to help us understand what kind of notifications and alerts you wish to receive from our end.



Sublime Rides gathers data, including personal information when you use our website or other related resources.

Sublime Rides utilizes numerous techniques, such as cookies, to collect this data, which may include your

  • IP-address;
  • cookie identifier, cookie data on whether your device has software to access certain features;
  • unique device identifier and device type;
  • domain, browser type, language,
  • system settings,
  • time zone and country
  • previous website visits,
  • data regarding the interaction with our website, including the click behavior and indicated likings, and
  • access timelines and URLs.  

Some advertising partners linked to Sublime Rides may also collect personal data when you visit our website [Insert Website].  

Our valuable partners have committed to act as service providers on our behalf and only use your data for purposes described in the following privacy policy. 

Our website sometimes allows you to log in with or connect with a  social media or partner account.

Sublime Rides relies on cookies and pixel tags to track usage to understand our customers’ preferences. It allows Sublime Rides to offer exclusive services and products to our valued customers and enhance their experience.

Sublime Rides may also use cookies to gain collective data regarding website traffic and user visits, identify market trends, and gain figures to improve our services. There are generally three categories of cookies used on our website:

Functional Cookies: Functional cookies store data related to users’ decisions that affect the behavior of our online services. We can provide personalized functions, such as content tailored to individual user needs, with the help of functional cookies.

Performance: These cookies allow Sublime Rides to improve our website’s functionality by tracking its usage by visitors. Sometimes, these cookies help us enhance the speed with which we can process your requests. If you choose to disable these cookies, it may result in poor-personalized recommendations and a disrupted overall user experience.

Social media and Advertising: These cookies offer the possibility to connect you to your social networks and share content from our website.  Advertising cookies gather data to help us provide you with advertisements based on your preferences. In some cases, advertising cookies involve the processing of your private information.

If you choose to avoid these cookies, it may result in poorly-tailored advertising that is irrelevant to your needs or you being unable to connect with the relevant social networks.

Your browser, mobile devices, computers, and IP address can provide Sublime Rides with information related to your choices and searches that can help us improve our services.

You can modify, eliminate and delete the following cookies by interacting with your device’s settings.

CHANGES to Our Privacy Policy:

Sublime Rides reserves all rights to modify or terminate the following Privacy Policy without any prior notice. Users are requested to look out for this space frequently to familiarize themselves with the changes made to this document by Sublime Rides.

Sublime Rides in no way is liable for any lawful obligation to inform you before modifying or terminating the following Privacy Policy.

For more information, contact us at: